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Kennosuke, also known as Kenn, presents an LP of smooth organic jazzy streams, with gorgeously moody female vocals from The Divan Divas.

This LP will be available as a download from all major Online Music suppliers.

If you prefer your music on a CD at 16 bits we will be supplying hand-crafted copies shortly: Please let us know by doing the info@jazzwank.com thing. Thanks.

di·van (d -vän , -v n ) n.

1. A long backless sofa, especially one set with pillows against a wall.

2. also (d -v n )  a. A counting room, tribunal, or public audience room in Muslim countries. b. The seat used by an administrator when holding audience. c. A government bureau or council chamber.
3. also (d -v n ) A coffeehouse or smoking room.

4. also (d -v n ) A book of poems, especially one written in Arabic or Persian by a single author.

di·va (d v )

n. pl. di·vas or di·ve (-v )

1. An operatic prima donna.2. A very successful singer of nonoperatic music: a jazz diva.  [Italian, from Latin d va, goddess, feminine of d vus, god; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots.]