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Coming soon: Jazzwank 1.... Saul Good LP  The first release from Jazzwank Recordings and debut LP from Saul Good. A brilliant first platter, stuffed full of groovy tracks.


Jazzwank products are crafted from only the finest quality substances. Our Jewel boxes are thinly-shaved diamond and rubies and the CD platters have been hand-coated in molten silver and gold. The rare wood veneers are hand-picked by experts and seasoned for a thousand years before being artfully applied by ancient master craftsmen employed from the now defunct Rolls Royce dashboard factory. The embossed detailing is carefully tooled platinum recycled from Atlantan holy relics.

(Disclaimer: This is obviously not true. However, if you do believe this, please multiply the stated cost by 10,000 before purchasing.)

Some Mp3s are available in Sounds. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest. Those T-shirts look good don't they?