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We don't have any huge moral stance on sharing MP3s, the majors and big earners in the music business totally screwed up by panicking and smashing Napster et al. It's a classic case of greed and techo-fear driving a particularly nasty business. The truth is that they missed out on the one new development that if embraced could have increased potential sales dramatically.
So we don't have any problem with you ripping off huge companies, they ripped us off for years.
However, This is not a big company, it's just us, and we're trying real hard to make a stand outside the music business. So if you like our music and want to send MP3s of it to friends that's cool. All we ask is that you don't MP3 the whole album and post it. We will be making quite a few trax available for free downloading, putting free sample cds in with any LPs or t-shirts you buy, and generally trying to change the whole shitty business practice. So, we are relying on you to support us, If you like our stuff... buy it, tell your friends and maybe they'll buy it too.
We guarantee that any money we make will be used to make more groovy music or frittered away on having a good time. It won't be lining the corporate pockets of some shiny-assed suit with no soul. Bought a jazzwank t-shirt yet?