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The first is a full track from the forthcoming Jazzwank 1 LP. Written and produced by Saul Good, featuring the vocal talents of Grace Gold, it's a smoky syncopated little groover entitled 'Jazz Baby'. It is just over 3 meg but we feel it is worth pulling down your pipe.

Next comes 2 and a quarter meg of sexual funky hip hop, 'Swing Your Body', written and produced by L Niño.

'Lo Thong' by Saul Good is a wierd groove thing featuring Lyndon Riley on Trumpet, we have 1.4 meg for you to taste.

For Latin Lovers 'Above The Line' throws nearly 3 meg of chunky percussion driven dancefloor funk (MCD again).

Finally a section of a slinky twisted Jazz-Hip Hop backless number called 'Below The Belt' at just over 2 meg.

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Thank you for your interest! Don't keep us a secret.