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Thanks for coming.

We will soon be bringing you some rather cool shit, and in the meantime you can always prepare by buying our lovely jazzwank T-shirt. BE THE ENVY OF YOUR FRIENDS (AND ENEMIES). We got them in all sizes from Small to XXLarge and all colours as long as it's black. Free jazzwank sample CD included with each order. Email us at info@jazzwank.com .

So, what's this jazzwank thing then?

It's not jazz, and it's not wank, it's more a way of life...  Well, it's a record label among other things, with a cool name, that treats you like an adult (until you prove otherwise).

Coming real soon on jazzwank.com:

A smooth and lovely LP by Kennosuke and the Divan Divas, A strangely funky electrojazz LP by Slip, The Modern Cliff Dwellers long-awaited LP, a Saul Good LP, The Jazzrant, Haiku Corner, MP3bies, and World Peace.

But for now there's a fine T-shirt, so buy one of those and check this site later, please.... Cheers......

We wish you a fabulous jazzwank.